Grzegorz Jurczyk
Waldemar Franczyk
Tomasz Skrętowski
Jan Wezner
Monika Cieślik
Tomasz Skruszewicz
Maria Murawska

BOMW  is a project that has been created to promote new music which originated from the so called classical music. It is a group which does not have a fixed makeup, it is always adapted to suit the demands of the performed material. Main aim of the group is to musically educate the audience, the performers and the creators of new music through the presentations of works created by the classics of genre, as well as, to show new faces among yound composers.

In this year's edition of the project, as a celebration of the international John Cage Year orchestra's repertoire has been entirely devoted to the works of this composer. With the help of the Music Academy in Bydgoszcz, great performers emerged from the group of professors and students. They will present works characteristic for Cage, such as: First construction in metal, Amores, Credo in us or Living room music.