Tirvyous Wagon

Marek Pospieszalski:
saksofon, klarnet, flet, gramofony, elektronika

Bartłomiej Chmara:
gitara, nord rack 2X

Tomasz Sroczyński:
skrzypce, NI Maschine

Qba Janicki:
perkusja i instrumenty perkusyjne, live sequencing

Risa Takita: taniec butoh

Karolina Jacewicz: wizualizacje

Have you ever had a chance to be in the ocean at the depth of 10000 metres? Have you ever checked what does forest soil breathe while at the same time you were relaxing in a shrunk state being inside a spongy structure of moss? Have you ever played hopscotch with a drop of mountain water while levitating above and endless field of rusty-yellow leaves? Or have you ever been on a flying motorcycle moving with the speed of 501 km/h through endless canals of an enormous metropolis? If you have not done anything from the above, you should listen to Tirvyous Wagon speak about it. He is a legendary writer from Estonia, who appeared on the planet as a result of a clash of the representatives of the rail industry and road transport. Evolving through years he abandoned literature and took the form of a few characters, in which form he expresses his old works. This compilation of calm stories will be presented through vision, sound and movement, all three performed on expaned analogue, digital and bodily machinery.