13th MÓZG FESTIVAL International Contemporary Music and Visual Arts Festival

Mózg Festival

International Festival of Contemporary Music and Visual Arts „Mózg Festival” is an encounter of artists who work and create in all areas of contemporary music as well as performance art and multimedia installations where music plays an important part. Artists who participate in the festival come from all around the world. This reflects the multicultural principle of Mózg Festival and enables the audience to experience and understand different aspects of various cultures.

The festival presents the newest performance techniques and interdisciplinary combinations that relate to and honour tradition.

Among the invited artists there are outstanding characters from the artistic world as well as young artists, whose hitherto activity manifests uniqueness. We feel that an indispensable part of the festival is the participation of local artists who meet the above-mentioned expectations. All artistic activity is treated as means leading to deeper understanding of the surrounding reality and changes that occur in the world.

In the years 2016-2018 each edition of the festival had a motto, which directed the attention to problems emerging in the modern world. Festival events and accompanying activities point to issues such as: source of interpersonal conflicts, risk of war, manipulation of societies, escaping from virtual space, lack of mutual respect and acceptance of differences, lack of understanding of the rules of co-existence on our planet. 

In 2016 the festival's slogan was MAKE ART NOT WAT. This year the theme is COME DOWN TO EARTH and in 2018 it will be SPIRITUALITY IS COMMON.

2016 is also a year in which the dates and duration of the festival change. Instead of having 3-4 days filled intensively with events we propose a longer period starting on September 23rd until November 25th. Over this time we planned to organise about 30 concerts, performances, films, urban activities, discussions.

Stowarzyszenie Artystyczne "Mózg"
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Telefon: +48 52 345 51 95, Fax: +48 52 345 51 95
Sławek Janicki / festival director
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Arkadiusz Hapka / PR
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