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Szkoła bydgoska (Bydgoszcz School)


25.11.2009 wednesay, 17:00, Galeria Kantorek

Bydgoszcz School ? artistic group that takes local features as a starting point for further journeys around the world. It?s name came up in 1993, though it?s founders (K. Gruse, St. Stasiulewicz and ZbyZiel) had already acted together for a few years. With the initiative of Bydgoszcz School many exhibitions and artistic-social actions came into being in Bydgoszcz as well as beyond it?s borders. Group co-organized and took part in creating the artistic clubs Trytony and Brain. Permanent exhibitions and actions at city space, also at galleries Kantorek, BWA, Leon Wyczółkowski?s Museum and Tower of Pressures places the group in the row of most active artistic formations of years 1991-2000. In it?s actions the group wasn?t afraid of reaching utopian exposures: since the manifesto declared in 1995 by two members of it (K. Gruse and St. Stasiulewicz) all Bydgoszcz citizens and persons bound to city in any way (also these, who fly above the city) became members of Bydgoszcz School. Intake was automatic and indefinite. Culmination of that period of group?s operation was the project directed to City Office in order to hire them by artists? placements according to past tradition of employing court painters and thinkers at the palaces.
The last significant presentation of the group was taking part in a meeting of artists from all around the world at an exhibition called Construction in Process that took place in 2000 under the aegis of Leon Wyczółkowski?s Museum in Bydgoszcz.

After a few years? break in the beginning of 2008 Bydgoszcz School came back with the project called ?Bydgoszcz School Box (open artistic process for the interested)? in Kantorek Gallery in Bydgoszcz. So far, exhibition mini-space of ?Box? has collected a dozen or more individual and collective projects.