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The Cyclist (Mózg ? after party)


28.11.2009 saturday, 24:00, Mózg

The Cyclist?s music has emerged as a link between improvisation, beats and a free jazz feel. It is never  possible to forecast in which direction The Cyclist?s music will go. Group emerged as an interesting project in 2006.
The founder  of the band was Wojtek Woźniak, musician, composer and photographer, for whom the most valuable experience was playing in the school orchestra. Laureate of many music festivals in Poland and abroad. Author of several interesting records with artists like Mikołaj Trzaska, Andrzej Przybielski and others.

He invited expert musicians for cooperation. Among others:

Jacek Buhl - creative drummer and author of many  interesting projects: Trytony, 4 syfon,  Glabulator and  Spejs.
Daniel Mackiewicz a phenomenal keyboard player from projects like: Sing Sing Penelope and Sami Szamani.
Group implements  Bydgoszcz?s  underground dj and  co-founder of many projects, founder of  Unpopularrecords  ? dj Grzanko MuzyKant.
The collaboration of such artists is a ?recipe? for free decibels.

The Cyclist?s made their debut  in 2006 year with an album The Cyclist Gymnastics published by ElectricEye. It was a connection of  jazz, free funk, analog sounds and turntables. The Poles have no complexes in the field of experimental music. Shapely and noisy mix of music, surprises us  with an originality and fresh look at jazz.

Daniel Mackiewicz - rhodes piano, student 106
Wojciech Woźniak - electric & acoustic bass
Jacek Buhl - drums & percussion
DJ Grzanko Muzykant ? turntables