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Tomasz Pawlicki/Łukasz Górewicz/Patryk Węcławek/Qba Janicki


28.11.2009 saturday, 20:30, Teatr Polski

Tomasz Pawlicki

the artist has started his musical education in H.Wieniawski Higschool in Łódź, in flute class. He has continued his education (the same profile) at the Musical Academy of F. Nowowiejski in Bydgoszcz. Being a flutist of Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz, he also cooperated with intimate bands and symphonic and opera orchestras at home and abroad. At the same time he keeps working on developing experimental music, searching for new effects in aesthetics of modern avant-garde music.

Cooperating with the famous ?MÓZG? club since the very beginnings of its activity, a member of MAESTRO TRYTONY ensemble, and ECSTASY PROJECT he plays flute, deals with composition, and electronics, as well as hey instruments.

Patryk Węcławek

born in Bydgoszcz in 1977. He started his musical education by playing in The Brass Orchestra of Bydgoszcz. Afterwards he studied bass guitar and double bass at Grzegorz Nadolny's and Wojtek Wozniak's Workshop. As a young musician he created a jazz-rock group - "Jaskinia", with Andrzej Przybielski and Janusz Zdunek. Works with Tomasz Gwincinski's "Maestro Trytony"; recordings: "Heart of gold" album. Since 2001 he has been a bass player of Ecstasy Project.

guitars: Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass, Defil Orlik 2
effects: BassBalls Made in Russia, MXR phase 90, DanElectro Fab Echo,
SansAmp Bass Driver, volume pedal
amps: Gallien-Krueger 700RB, Ampli '75 Full Tube
speaker: Carvin RL410T Red Eye

Lukasz Górewicz

I was born in Poland 17.03.1980.I play violin, piano and guitars..I was studying music in Warsaw,Wroclaw and Szczecin.I worked with Tymon Tymanski and 3 metry-we made my first album ever("jedli z dolkow pili z dziurek") in 1996.I worked with Tomek Gwincinski and we made many albums,soundtracks and theatrical music(Non Linear Ansamble,Maestro Trytony,"four little girls"Pablo Picasso,"The Moon Music", "Transatlantic"W.Gombrowicz, "Stanislaw Wyspianski"," Tadeusz Nowak".....). I worked with Ecstasy Project which I made four albums("ecstasy project"2000,"realium"2005,"europae"2007,"reminiscence europae"2008) and played many concerts in europe with.I made many records and played many concerts as a session musician.Now I live in Szczecin,work with philharmonic orchestra,opera in Szczecin,sin city tribe,Baltic Neopolis Quartet,studying at the university and working on my solo project XVII. realeditorbest profile toolsrealeditorbest profile tools.

Qba Janicki

He started to play drums at the age of 4, at the age of 15 he started to use electronics. From his early years he has played with lots of different musicians during rehearsal brakes of bands that were practicing in MÓZG club in Bydgoszcz. Then, at the age of 11 he started studying timpani and percussion at PZSM im. Artura Rubinsteina in Bydgoszcz, at class of Miroslaw Żyta. After 13 years of practicing, mostly alone, and searching for his own techniques and sounds, he started to play in public. In 2008 he became a student of Cracow Music Academy at Stanislaw Welanyk's timpani and percussion class. His main theory in playing music is to play whatever makes you happy, no matter which genre it is. His main roots lay in traditional percussion, classical and improvised music, but he is also performing with rock, electronic, psycho, emo, total tomato grind punk, jazz core, progressive vegetarian grind core, mutantic harmonic.