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"A Multimedia thing" Bogusław Schaeffer


28.11.2009 saturday, 19:00, Teatr Polski

Bogusław Schaeffer
Polish composer, musicologist, pianist, dramatist, music critic, graphic artist and teacher, has won many awards and honours: 2dn prize at Grzegorz Fitelberg Competition for 24 solo string instruments, Prize at Artur Malawski Competition, 2nd Prize at the Fitelberg Competition for Little Symphony, Grand Cultural Award at province of Salzburg

Marek Frąckowiak
graduate of The Film School of Łodz, Poland, an acomplished theatre and film actor (over 150 roles in feature films), receipient of acting awards e.i. at film festivals in San Sebastian and Koszalin, chairman of the "Aurea Porta Foundation"

Maciej Sobociński
theatre director, stage designer,known for classical dramas and multimedia spectcles, received several theatre awards for his work in Poland, Berliner Theatertreffen scholarship holder

Krystyna Gierłowska
actress, theatre producer, General Manager and the driving force of the "Aurea Porta Foundation", co-producer of documentary film "Solo"

"A Multimedia thing" ? the latest surrrealistic play of  Bogusław Schaeffer. The main characters are treesome actors. ( Marek Frąckowiak, Waldek Obłoza ), author and composer Bogusław Schaeffer  by himself in the front of the piano and his music. Aktors are to lead his benefis. They are not well prepared for that, they have no idea about  music, everything suprise them, in heat of discussion they?ve forgot about beneficiary, who endures patiently a  scandal. Action consist  their trails to be up with situation and controling theirs emotions.
Bogusław Schaeffer is great  composer of contemporary music ? it decides about uniqueness of this play. Scenes, dynamics, movement, speech have form of music bars ,phrases  ? the drama Has been wrotten like a score. Panic and chaos at the beginnig gradually take  a form of order. 

Directing: Karina Piwowarska
Stage decoration: Andrzej Kokosza
Music: Bogusław Schaeffer
The World premie?re  3th march and 4th march of  2007  Theatre Bajka Warsaw.
Production: Arts Friends Fundacion  Aurea Porta, Krysia Gierłowska

Bogusław Schaeffer about Multimedia Thing:

The title (of drama) itselfs couldn?t say nothing more than, what  it timidly suggest. This is something theatrical, something for theatre, but first of all something for schaeffer?s actor ( may it be the best one). The piano player (Bogusław Schaeffer ) and  the Nice lady (Anna Maria Piróg -Kraszkiewicz) are only addition to entire and it should be emphasized that the play without them would not be what it wants to be ? on full evening performance.

I refered here to my dramas which I wrote forty years ago ? to solo ?Scenario? and ?Audience?. Here ?the same as there- actor reads his text, reading he interpretate, what can be interpretate,  but when he will feel inspiration he plays without the text, like a good piano player, who knows the work but preferes to read music.
This composition, which has read at the beginning- the same as previous- starts from lecture, from which it later walks away, to give an account of what also interested him.
Jan Peszek first read my text, then after many performance (there was over 1100 of them) he started to play, but his first copy, which had passed in antiquarian state, and which he keeps, still use it, only from time to time pretending that he comes back to reading, becouse with this first- now tored- text he arranged (or growed together).
Marek Frąckowiak i Waldemar Obłoza will do, what they want ?within the framework of reason and aesthetic canon.