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Arnaud Riviere


27.11.2009 friday, 21:00, Teatr Polski

Arnaud Rivi?re (Paris) - electrophone, turntable dissection or turntable massacre
Trafic in the DIY area : metal pieces, wires and stuff stuck into the mixing board. Put the out in. This is not at all made for this, but why not.
A pick up, rather plastic one, explosion required, but re-enforced to resist.
It has to take it.

Not necessarly using records, sometimes even metal one or other.
Also captors, they go where they fall, or not, not always. With and via springs though.
Well, otherwise, feedbackophile, unshamedly, with both hands, Arnaud Rivi?re, is making his own with curves and accidents.

" He is an unabashed feedbackophile who creates monstrous gusts of noise with simple tools used incorrectly. Jamming foreign objects and wires into his mixing board, using his turntable to spin metal disks or worse, twisting his distortion pedal to 11, the harsh beauty of Riviere's music does not come from conventional concepts like melody and harmony, but from deftly controlled bursts of energy, powerful gestures of thunderous layers of noise upon noise, and a wonderful sense of structure." Keir Neuringer pour Tag-Den Haag (

Arnaud Rivi?re has played (and still does with some of them) : Alexandre Bellenger, Roger Turner, Jean-Philippe Gross, John Boyle & Aya Onishi (Bayal, The Nihilist Spasm Band), Erik M, Martin Tétreault, Gert-Jan Prins, Sophie Agnel, Stéphane Rives, Otomo Yoshihide, Philémon, Fred Nipi, Adam Bohman, Aaron Moore, Alan Courtis, Dan Warburton, Daniel Padden, Xavier Charles, etc? and is an active member of active bands as Coupe Coupe, Bobby Moo or Tank J.
Some recordings has been (or will very soon) published by labels as Textile, Galerie Pache, Bloc Thyristors, Destexea, Bug Incision, Fragment, Audioscoop, Beta Lactam Ring, ARR, Le Petit Mignon.