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Piotr Wyrzykowski


25.11.2009 wednesday, 24:00, Mózg

Piotr Wyrzykowski alias Peter Style ? media artist, studied interior architecture and painting at the Fine Arts Academy in Gdansk. He made his debut as a performer in 1991 co forming Ziemia Mindel ? Wurm duet. In his practice he uses video, photography, Internet and sound -creating performances, installations, projects in public space, network projects and multimedia plays. He often cooperates with other artists, musicians and Djs.

He has been active in Gdansk artistic environment and was a member of the Society of Social  Activity managing the independent Gallery C-14, the Open Atelier Foundation, he co founded and co managed so called former Laznia Miejska (at present CSW ? Laznia), he was a vice-president of the Wyspa Progress Foundation.

Cofounder and artistic director of CUKT ? Central Office of Technical Culture active from 1995 to 2001. When CUKT?s net service came into being it was one of the most interesting and advanced Internet projects. The best known project of the group was among others the media performance ? ?Presidential Campaign of Wiktoria Cukt? that proposed a virtual candidate for the President of Poland.

In his artistic work he deals with relations between technology, society and perceiving the human body. He searches for a perfect connection between performance /picture and sound/music. He develops and builds a form of ?invisible? interface implemented to successive interactive installations and actions.

He was born in Gdańsk. He lives and works in Gdansk and Kiev. He works as a set decorator on film productions.

Prizes and distinctions

1993, Ryszard Ziarkiewicz (director of PGS in Sopot) Award
1994, ?Deutscher Videokunstpreis?, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany
1995, First Prize on the International Festival of Media, ?WRO 95?, Wroclaw
1995, Prize on the Champ Libre Festival, Montreal, Canada
1996, Residential Stay in Banff Center for the Arts, Banff, Canada
1997, Second Prize on the International Festival of Media, ?WRO 97?, Wroclaw
2001, ?Visiting Artist? in The School of the Art Institut of Chicago, Chicago, USA
2002, ?Visiting Artist? in The Stanford University, Stanford, USA
2002, Prize on the International Short Films Festival, ?Dreamcatcher?, Kiev, Ukraine
2003, Nomination for Deutsche Bank Award, Zacheta Gallery, Warsaw

Works in collection of:

Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA
Centre of Contemporary Art ? Laznia, Gdansk
Centre of Contemporary Art, Warsaw
Centre of Media, WRO, Wroclaw
Contemporary Museum, Wroclaw
Pintchuk Art Centerj, Kiev, Ukraine
Museum of Art in Lodz