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27.11.2009 friday, 23:00, Teatr Polski

Mazzoll (Gdańsk) - clarinets

A Polish clarinetist born in 1968 in Gdansk. He started playing the clarinet at the age of 8 inspired by the works of such great contemporary Polish composers as Lutoslawski and Gorecki. Founder and leader of several music groups. Composer of film and theatrical music. Creator of the theory of "arrhythmic perfection". His music, often classified as the New Improvised Music, explores uncharted territories of harmony, rhythm and melody. His musical quest includes trash jazz, freak ballads and cage songs. Such collision of various sound energies creates a unique atmosphere of each musical event.
Mazzoll believes that both precise interpretation and fortuity are equivalent elements of creating music. Therefore the idea of ?arrhythmic perfection? has nothing to do with chaos; it is not a denial of rhythm, or harmony, but a part of music, that we do not yet comprehend nor notice. He uses diagrams for music notation.
As an artist he takes part in numerous performances and events; an instance of such is the Diffusion Ensemble, which he founded with Robert Knuth ? a group that gathers various performing and improvisational artists. While performing Mazzoll often makes use of peculiar objects (for example spectacle ? cases) to attain a desired sound. During the last several years, Diffusion Ensemble performed in the Centre of Contemporary Art (Centrum Sztuki Wspolczesnej Zamek Ujazdowski) in Warsaw, Petri Kirche in Leipzig, Teatr Wybrzeze in Gdansk, Gallery ?Inner Spaces? in Poznan, Museum of Olsztyn, and Kunstraum Schwimbad in Dusseldorf.
The workshops conducted by Mazzoll, Knuth & Diffusion Ensemble sparked great interest. Common performances, exercises, speeches, exchange of thoughts and ideas opened up new artistic and para-artistic horizons, possibilities of creation and self-creation for the students.
During his career Mazzoll played with the best Polish, European and American rock and jazz musicians, with such stars as Django Bates, Alfred Harth, Lasse Lindgren, Vytas Labutis, Peter Weniger, Bill Laswell, Per Goidschmidt, Jan Bengston, Nils Landgren, Kjeld Ipsen, Axel Windfeid, Tomasz Stanko, Lars Danielsson, Andy Lumpp, Jeffrey Morgan, Josh Roseman, Tony Oxley, Peter Brotzmann, Marcin Krzyzanowski, Stein Erik Tafjord, Fred Frith, Mark Stewart, Jon Dobie, Jukka Perko, Peter Kowald, Olga Szwajgier, Asaf Sirkis, Anthony Coleman, Elliot Sharp among them. In 1999 he played at Warsaw Summer Jazz Days along with John Zorn, Medeski Martin and Wood, and Pharoah Sanders. At Warsaw Summer Jazz Days in 2000 he performed as a guest with the Japanese formation Altered States with Kazuhisa Uchihashi. He also played as a support to ?U3? and James Brown. In November 2005 Mazzoll played with Gendos and Sainkho Namtchylak as their special guest.
Mazzoll?s primary music formation is ?Mazzoll & Arrhythmic Perfection?. The band performs new music penetrating the unexplored areas of arrhythmia, so its pulse and melodies cannot be compared to any styles known so far. The group plays Mazzoll?s compositions based on the theory of ?arrhythmic perfection? which employs rhythmeloharmonic order of sounds, as well as interpretation, timing and space during performance.
Basing on starting and unique Mazzoll's composition and scales, the band not only explores the depths of experiments, but sometimes also reaches to the edge of embarrassment, creating still not known amalgam of music visions and shades. However, the band's music is not an eclectic fusion of various styles. ?Mazzoll & Arrhythmic Perfection? creates music very easy to recognize, which could be compared to some existing tendencies like (according to performance of the tunes): trash jazz, acoustic techno, freak ballads, cage songs, freak rock, new city folk, presenting freedom of interpretation amidst boundaries of Mazzoll's ritch biography of sounds. At present he is the Art Manager of the ?art depot? Festival in Gdansk, plays with young Polish band Plzmatikon and recently he's started recording a solo album and a tribute album to Bruce Lee.

Jon Dobie (Londyn) sax, guitar

Born in london,1956, where he still lives when he is not travelling and performing in Europe. He has received several arts awards to enable him to continue his performances most notably from the British Council. He is currently reorganising the "No Wave" label and preparing to tour with his bands. Co-founder and tour organiser for B-shops for the Poor ;  plays with Pieces of Brain ,Sonicphonics , Interference 3.0, The Dynamix, Total touch, Ken Hyder, plays in the 2near 2far 4tet with Vladimir Miller, Alexandr Alexandrov and in duo with Peter Brotzmann also has played with Charles Hayward ,Billy Bang ,Shoji Hano and with Kris Wanders

"b-shops for the poor"
the iceberg principle
visions and blueprints(With p-brotzmann)
plague the inventor
the wild goose chase
a passionate journey
signals through flames

Dream photography
exploded views (sonicphonics with billy bang)
Geoff Serle ... severe test
Also with
Ron Magness
Eastern opus
Spirit of India
Dynamix ?we see us in the next future?
bridge of sighs With B.B.Davis
The interference 3 ?tampere?
Pieces of Brain ?crash the car daddy?
Pieces of Brain 4tet. ?arthymic visible music? 
Vladimir Miller    ?Fours?
Also produced "eine violine fur valentin"for jon Rose, and "the one and only in the world"by hungarian group APOLOK

Kris Wanders (Melbourne) Tenor Sax

has been one of the originators of the European Free Jazz in the early 1960?s worked along side Charles Hurdak (tp Hungary) Willem Breuker (reeds NL) Peter Brötzmann (reeds Germany) Claude Deron (tp Belgium) Alexander von Schlippenbach (pi Germany Globe Unity Orchestra in 1966/1967.) Fred van Hove (pi Belgium) Kees Hazevoet (pi NL) Arjen Gorter (Bass Nl) Louis Moholo (Drums, South Africa) Willem Van Manen (tb NL), Peter Kowald (bass Germany) Stu Martin (drums USA) Han Bennink (Drums NL). Nicole vanden Plas (piano Belgium) Jan vanden Plas (cello Belgium) Radu Malfatti (Tb Austria), Gunther Hampel (vib Germany), Irene Schweitzer (pi Swiss), Paul Lovens(drums Germany), Michel Pilz(bscl Luxembourg), Edgar Bateman (drums USA) Mani Neumeier (Drums Swiss), Maartin Van Duynhoven (drums NL), Laurie Allen (drums UK), Mongezi Feza (tp (South Africa) Calyer Duncan (drums USA) Joost Buis (tb NL) Felicity Provan (tp NL) Nico Schauble (drums Germany) Gerd Dudek (ts Germany) Manfred Schoof (tp Germany), Albert Mangelsdorff (tb Germany), Buschi Niebergall (bass Germany), Sven-?ke Johansson (drums Sweden) Johannes Bauer (tb Germany) Dave Liebman (USA) & more.
Composed music for several theatre pieces and movies for the Dutch radio and television.
In the late 1970?s Kris migrated to Australia where he currently resides and works within the local community of improvisers.

Slawek Janicki (Sydney/Bydgoszcz) - bass player

He started his activities in the beginning of the 80s, playing in many bands that often had only one live performance.
Later, he became a member of Henryk Brodaty, a band that was well known in the independent circles. It performed mainly in community centres. In 1992, Slawek Janicki was collaborating in the creation of Trytony, the first in Bydgoszcz and one of the first independently operated art club in Poland. With that club, associated is a music trio called, ?Trytony? that in 1992 released its first record ?Tance Bydgoskie? (Bydgoszcz Dances).

In 1994, Slawek Janicki with Jacek Majewski opened the Factory of Sculptures Talking to Each Other, ?Mózg? (The Brain), a club or venue that in 15 years of its operation became known around the world as a place that promotes contemporary art, especially contemporary music. In ?Mózg?, Slawek Janicki collaborated in the formation of such bands as Mazoll&Arhythmic Perfection, Arhythmic Brain and Pieces of Brain that released unique records and performed in many European countries. He was working with many artists who over the time performed in ?Mózg? such as Kazik Staszewski, Jon Dobie, Karoline Crabel, Wojciech Zamiara, Grzegorz Pleszynski and many others. In 1999, he started playing with Zdzislaw Piernik, a world famous tuba player. They performed in Poland, Netherlands, Germany and Hungary, and produced a film from a live performance in ?Mózg? that was later broadcasted by TV Kultura, Poland.

In 2001, he visited Australia for the first time. There, he became a resident of Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre in Sydney and, with Grzegorz Pleszynski, produced a performance in which, outside its authors, played four bass players. After Sydney, Slawek Janicki moved to central Australia where he lived in an Aboriginal community where, commissioned by the local authorities, he created his first documentary film entitled, ?The sound of a few places? (2003). Since then, he?s been sharing his time between Poland and Australia. He performed in festivals in Europe and, in January 2004 and 2005 in Sydney and Melbourne during the ?Now, Now? Festival.
In 2004, he became head of the Artistic Association ?BRAIN? whose aim is to get to know the human being and his/her place in the world through the acts of creation of the artists from various cultural backgrounds and places.
In 2005, Slawek Janicki started cooperating with the first Polish culture TV channels, TVP Kultura and TVP3. To date, about 30 documentaries have been broadcasted, showing various artists during the act of creation and in their private lives. These programmes aim at understanding the reasons that lead to the commitment of the acts of creation.
Janicki currently lives in New South Wales, Australia and is still running ?Mózg? as a place of performance,  as a head of  the ?Mózg Association? and as an artistic director of the annual ?Music From The Brain Festival?.

Trytony, ?Tance Bydgoskie?,
Trytony, ?Zarys Matematyki niewinnej?
Mazzol&Arhythmic Perfection, ?a?,
Mazzol&Arhythmic Perfection, ?out out to lunch?,
Mazzol&Arhythmic Perfection, ?rozmowy scatem?,
Pieces of Brain, ?Crash the car daddy?,
Pieces of Brain, ?Arhythmic is visible music?,
Arhythmic Brain, ?from the beginning to the end?.

Slawek Janicki played also as a guest on the records of other performers.

Qba Janicki (Kraków/Bydgoszcz)

He started to play drums at the age of 4, at the age of 15 he started to use electronics. From his early years he has played with lots of different musicians during rehearsal brakes of bands that were practicing in MÓZG club in Bydgoszcz. Then, at the age of 11 he started studying timpani and percussion at PZSM im. Artura Rubinsteina in Bydgoszcz, at class of Miroslaw Żyta. After 13 years of practicing, mostly alone, and searching for his own techniques and sounds, he started to play in public. In 2008 he became a student of Cracow Music Academy at Stanislaw Welanyk's timpani and percussion class. His main theory in playing music is to play whatever makes you happy, no matter which genre it is. His main roots lay in traditional percussion, classical and improvised music, but he is also performing with rock, electronic, psycho, emo, total tomato grind punk, jazz core, progressive vegetarian grind core, mutantic harmonic.