11th  MÓZG FESTIVAL  International Contemporary Music & Visual Arts  Festival

About festival

International Festival of Contemporary Music and Visual Arts „Mózg Festival” is an encounter of artists who work and create in all areas of contemporary music as well as performance art and multimedia installations where music plays an important part. Artists who participate in the festival come from all around the world. This reflects the multicultural principle of Mózg Festival and enables the audience to experience and understand different aspects of various cultures.

The festival presents the newest performance techniques and interdisciplinary combinations that relate to and honour tradition.

Among the invited artists there are outstanding characters from the artistic world as well as young artists, whose hitherto activity manifests uniqueness. We feel that an indispensable part of the festival is the participation of local artists who meet the above-mentioned expectations. All artistic activity is treated as means leading to deeper understanding of the surrounding reality and changes that occur in the world. Mózg Festival represents an open stylistic form. The determinants of artist choice are: authenticity of presented art (original activity) and highest level of performance.

This year the festival will last 13 days, will gather over 50 artists from 9 different countries and will take place in 2 cities: Bydgoszcz and Warsaw.

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Sławek Janicki / festival director
slawek@mozg.art.pl / 661 574 508
Marta Stańczyk / PR
marta@mozg.art.pl / 692 544 344

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